B2B Lead Generation Service delivering warm leads that convert

We like to do things differently at Margen. We built this company from the frustration of knowing that we could run A B2B Lead Generation Service With A Difference and create campaigns that not only help companies long-term but allow our clients to benefit short-term too.

B2B Lead Generation Services & lead generation overall have received a bad reputation over the years through poor practice & overall lazy implementation. We knew that things could be done differently & understood the true power that Lead Generation has when done right.

We knew we had to make connections on a personal level and this is where Margen was born.

We knew there was a better way.

MarGen Lead Generation Process

Our Partners

Our Personalised B2B Lead Generation Service Delivers Results

Personalisation and connection is what builds long-lasting relationships between our clients and their future customers and partners and is where we stand out from our competitors.

Every email we send is personalised!

Our primary focus is on personalisation, meaning that the lead generation service provides our clients matched, warmed and primed leads that convert. We ensure that your ideal customer is needing your service so that when they are on the phone with you, they are ready to talk about the possibility of working with you.

We sell you time, provide higher conversation rates and deliver partnerships that last.

What Makes Us Different?


B2B Lead Generation Service

that delivers sales


Our initial call will delve into what you deliver as a company, past clients and ideal clients moving forward


Utilise our database of over 200 million contacts over 10 million businesses with over 200 data points


Our outreach methods focus heavily on personalisation, that allow us to engage, vet and deliver leads that convert


We run A/B tests daily on our outreach to refine and increase conversions further througout our campaigns

Pricing & Duration

CLient Satisfaction


As you grow, we grow with you.

We guarantee 100% return on investment… minimum!

Ready To Increase Your Revenue?

Ready To Grow?

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