Welcome - The MarGen Onboarding Process
Welcome – The MarGen Onboarding Process

Welcome To The Onboarding Process For MarGen

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Will Durant

The Onboarding Process

This page outlines the process for all new clients coming on board for Lead Generation services with MarGen.

Let’s look at the entire process to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • The proposal, Contract and Payment
  • Client Onboarding Questionnaire
  • Mailing Server Setup Process (Behind The Scenes)
  • Outreach Templates Created
  • Data Portfolio Curated / Personalisation Begins
  • Client / MarGen Diary Share
  • Campaign Launched
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Meetings To Refine Campaign Success

1) The Proposal, Contract and Payment

In order to ensure that you are serious about growing your business and to remove any inconvenience from either party, MarGen will not work until the contract is signed and the setup fee has been paid.

There is a lot of work done in the background and we as a business need to understand the seriousness of you as a client in order to progress things forward.

The process before the contract is a case of refining the requirements and looking at exactly what it is, you as a business are looking for and wanting to achieve. Once this is an agreeance verbally, we will send over the contract to remove all elements of doubt so that we understand completely what the desired outcome is and what we are undertaking for you as a business.

2) Client Onboarding Questionnaire

Once you have signed the contract, we will send over a questionnaire so that we fully understand the service(s) you are looking to generate more business under.

This also allows us to dive in fully on your requirements, and the service itself so that we can begin planning the complete campaign for your business.

It’s important that you take the time to give as much detail as possible on this segment as the more information you provide, the better we can detail your service to potential customers and book more meetings for you.

3) Mailing Server Setup Process (Behind The Scenes)

We set up complete new mail servers with a domain similar to yours. We do this as we need complete access and control to areas like DNS as well as route our software and applications through.

When prospects access the domain URL, they are immediately redirected to your site so there is no confusion as to who is contacting them.

During this setup process, we warm the server by having it send many emails per day to our warming network of domains. This builds up a sending reputation so that services like Google & Outlook see these domains as reputable so that when we come to the outreach process, the emails are placed directly into the potential client’s inbox and not the SPAM/Promotional folder.

4) Outreach Templates Created

Based on the information you provide in the onboarding questionnaire as well as the information collated throughout the initial meetings, our team of copywriters will begin formulating a series of outreach templates. This is referred to as the main copy.

Each email we send to potential prospects is personalised meaning that the opening (and PS segments) of emails are personalised specifically to the prospect. The main copy is then presented after the personalised point so that the reader sees the emails are directed to them and not mass-mailed. This allows us to generate higher engagements when compared to industry standards and is what sets us apart from the competition.

5) Data Portfolio Curated / Personalisation Begins

From the specifications you set out, we hone in on our database of 254 million B2B contacts and extract the right contacts that are within your desired, ideal clients.

From this, we then begin generating personalisation points for each of the contacts from things they have achieved, case studies from their site or personal accolades they have done.

This is then all fed into the database for your campaign before it goes live.

6) Client / MarGen Diary Share

In order to book meetings for you and your team, we need access to your digital diaries. When speaking with potential prospects, there can be various back-and-forth conversations and we need quick and direct access to your team’s diaries so that we can book things as quickly as possible.

7) Campaign Launched

Once everything is ready and the servers are warmed and getting above 98% in inbox succession (between 2-3 weeks in total), we will launch the campaign and begin outreach.

All of our campaigns have a series of 3-7 emails per contact (depending on the service you provide and the cost/complexity).

Depending on the service you run through MarGen and the number of bookings you require each month will ascertain how many emails we send per day.

Although our record of booking meetings is 2 days since a campaign launch day, our clients typically receive booking confirmations from the 2nd or 3rd week from the point of the campaign starting.

8) Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Meetings To Refine Campaign Success

Depending on the client, we can run weekly/bi-weekly or monthly meetings so that we can run through the success of the campaign and get feedback from the meetings. This enables us to refine and hone in further on the data that we have in order to maximise the success of each campaign.

We will also ask for feedback each week (regardless of the meeting schedule) for feedback on each meeting that has taken place.