How To Write Personalised Cold Emails That Convert
Cold Emails That Convert

How To Write Personalised Cold Emails That Convert

Personalised cold email is what differentiates MarGen. We personalise every point of our outreach to deliver higher open rates, replies and conversions for ourselves and our clients to deliver campaigns for Cold Emails That Convert

As with anything, there is a right way to do it and a detrimental way that damages your brand, so it’s important to get it right from the onset. Throughout this guide, we’ll walk through the dos and don’ts when it comes to personalising your cold email campaigns.

Time = Money

Personalisation takes time so it’s important to be using it in the right scenarios.

We make sure that the clients we work with yield a high AOV (Average Order Value). We do this not to be greedy, but because we value our time and our methods very highly.

We utilise software to automate a lot of our work. With personalisation, this can only be achieved (for now at least) through manually searching and researching our prospects and our client’s prospects.

We worked out that for personalisation, to be done to the standard we set ourselves, that each contact that we feed into our system, personalisation alone costs us around £0.78. While the price is high, so are the conversions.

Now, that doesn’t sound like much, but when you are sending hundreds of emails per day, those costs add up each month. So be sure to understand the true cost for your outreach as this will allow you to value your time properly and use it wisely.

What I’m trying to outline here is these methods are costly when done at scale. So make sure you are using good data and that what you are selling by utilising these methods outweigh those hidden costs.

If you want to send Cold Emails That Convert, Remember… Time = Money.

Cold Emails That Convert

Stand Out From The Crowd(ed Inbox)

Everyone wants to send Cold Emails That Convert. But not all are equal in their abilities. No matter at what level you are contacting, you are competing for attention in a forever-cluttered inbox.

Every person you contact, is getting hundreds of emails per week.
Go against the grain and do things differently.
If you want to succeed and book more meetings…
Standing out is key.

You can only really do this with personalisation to grab the focus from them when they see your email.

Also, people are really busy so you need to grab their attention and keep things short throughout.

Anyone that you are prospecting to, receives a lot of emails every single day from different companies wanting to put their products in front of your prospects, and so through cold emailing you must fully embrace the importance of personalizing the opening email lines and have a strong understanding of subject lines that grab attention immediately.

If you receive a cold email from someone and it doesn’t have any personalization to it, you can see straight away this is the same email that someone has sent to a huge number of people and people get turned off by this.

Who wants to be like everyone else? You need to stand out if you want to send Cold Emails That Convert.

Then you get marked as spam and that’s going to drop your domain reputation and hit you where it hurts, damaging your reputation both on a digital imprint and how they perceive you overall.

What To Avoid When Cold Emailing

A lot of them are going to start to go in the dreaded spam folder because of your domain reputation… FACT!

So you want to make sure that when you are sending an email to someone you’re sending it to the right person that you believe is the one that you need to speak with. Sometimes it won’t be and there is room for error, but don’t go blanket-emailing everyone in the hope of hitting the right person.

If you’re personalising the opening email line then you’re far more likely to get their attention and for them to read the rest of the email. If they’re not the right person then at least you have the likelihood of them forwarding you to the right person or better still, connecting you with the right person because you’ve put in the time and effort to connect with them on a personal level.

If you want to write Cold Emails That Convert at scale, then you need to ensure that your domain reputation is kept at its peak. There is software out there that monitors your accounts, but don’t start sending straight away from new email addresses. You need to warm the accounts up and build up sending reputations so that Google and other services don’t start marking your emails as SPAM.

Want To Build Up Revenue Through Cold Emails That Convert?

Ready to start your outreach properly?

There are a few really good companies out there that produce incredible results. We boldly put ourselves in that category of businesses that send Cold Emails That Convert but also like to shout about others that do it well, one of them being Focus & Co.

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