Best Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation
Best Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

Best Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

How to Prioritize Social Media Lead Generation Tactics

Discover how to identify the best social media tactics for B2B lead generation. MarGen & Digital Agency Leaders have teamed up to compile this comprehensive social media workflow checklist. B2B organizations struggle to generate leads online – the bigger the companies, the more set in the ways they are. Smaller businesses struggle with time and money constraints that cripple their long-term thinking and approach to lead generation tactics. They struggle to engage with their social media audiences. They struggle to find the right social media tools for the job.

Building Authority in Communities and Groups

B2B lead generation is at the top of the agenda for many Marketing teams. In his recent webinar, Leeroy Powell, Founder and MD of B2B Lead Generation Agency MarGen, shared his advice for nurturing and accelerating high-quality demand, as well as tools you can use to improve the process. “Apart from great content, what are the key components to creating great, engaging content”

He outlined that there are many channels for driving more business and initially, he understood that one of the key factors for business growth was lead generation – the reason he launched MarGen back in 2021. His idea was to utilise the business to catalyse the growth of the various projects he was building (which subsequently grew into a series of companies known as MarGen Group that focuses on all the elements of driving businesses forward – lead generation, marketing, sales teams, software and C-Suite outsourcing are some of what the group cover.

So what Are The Best Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation?

In the webinar, he outlined that while MarGen was the initial catalyst to the growth of the group, playing the long-term game needed a different approach and that meant building both authority and personal brand online. He states that “the difference between growth and sheer dominance lies with branding (and most importantly personal branding for what I am pursuing) and building up authority throughout. To do that, you need consistency and drive.

No growth strategy is complete without a robust plan to acquire leads

Social media is a great option for B2B brands trying to market their products. This is true for large, enterprise companies, with many departments, and varied audiences right through to small teams and solopreneurs.

The truth is, many companies play the short game and focus and fail to realise that there are steps that can be taken now to ensure the long-term success of their businesses. Operating across every social platform (and excelling at them) is usually cost-prohibitive, and focusing on one or two outlets is usually best for lead generation efforts. If your company is just starting out on social media, or if you’re refocusing your efforts, it can be helpful to know which social media platforms offer the most effective lead generation strategies.

Crushing Your B2B Lead Generation Goals in 2022

The world of B2B lead generation has completely changed in the past few years, and marketers need to educate themselves and adapt quickly. But there’s one problem: the vast majority of marketers are too busy and overwhelmed to spend any time learning their way into utilising social media tactics for B2B lead generation success.

It all starts with a goal in mind – something to aim towards and that will drive the campaigns fully given that they are based around a set purpose. While posting randomly in the hopes to generate more sales would have worked many years ago, it is a preposterous idea to even consider this in 2022 and beyond.

Having a clear goal in mind and building up a strategy around that is key and when basing it on new business is key. Especially if your business runs various services as you will need to run multiple goals under one main umbrella of goals to fully optimise your campaigns so they coincide with one another and don’t conflict on your messages.

The Best Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation all start with a well-defined goal in mind.

b2b cold email lead generation

The clear majority of marketers are using social media marketing to build brand awareness, strengthen customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction.

But what about Cold Email for b2b lead generation?

There is no doubt that cold email is the ultimate strategy to generate more business quickly. We are an absolute testament to that given that this strategy has catapulted our business and our clients.

There are a few problems with this approach… Let me explain

  1. The Approach Is All Wrong For Most Cold-Emailers
  2. Too many amateurs
  3. Desperation Driven, not solution-driven

Most cold-emailers (agencies and businesses that do this internally) have a completely wrong mindset and approach to generating more b2b leads. It’s all ME, ME, ME and hardly ever focusing on the person receiving the email.

Think about how many emails you receive each day and think about how many actually stand out… and why. The ones that resonate are focused entirely on the person reading them. The garbage focuses entirely on the sender.

You should be solution-driven when considering cold email for B2B lead generation and never contact through desperation… it’s so bloody obvious it’s painful to read and more than anything, annoying and reputation destroying.

Along with building up your own email list, cold email is one of the Best Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

How To Use Organic Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

We understand that the buying decision isn’t instant. In fact, B2B conversion rates are a lot lower than those of B2C. Is your B2B marketing strategy aligned with these realities? Unsure of how to deal with social media within your organization?

It goes on from my point previously about having a plan in place when creating content for social media… have the goal clear and focus on building the brand and putting the customer first.

Me, Me, Me posts are endless online. Focus on the person reading it and who your ideal client is. Talk to them directly with your posts and see how quickly your brand reach raises.

Understand that, from a B2B perspective, LinkedIn and Twitter are more useful than Facebook.

The best B2B social media tactics depend on your audience.

Outsource b2b lead generation

There’s a lot of talk in the industry about new social media tactics and worrying about whether they’ll be here in the future.

The reality is the platforms are forever changing and what works today may be irrelevant in a few years’ time so it’s key to not put all your eggs in one basket.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your lead generation strategies to an external agency or partner. For many businesses, their strength lies in the services they deliver or the products they create. Lead generation isn’t normally one of their strengths. Some businesses, whilst they may have a great approach set out for lead generation, may want to utilise an external agency to amplify their in-house efforts.

I would say that, for around 70% of businesses, outsourcing their lead generation and marketing will allow them to grow the businesses more quickly by utilising the efforts of experts in the field. I wouldn’t however, solely rely on having all your income generated through external sources so use them to your advantage whilst growing your skills to drive more revenue for the business.

Outsourcing is one of the Best Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

Growing your email list to drive more b2b sales

91% of B2B marketers use social media for branding and awareness but ignore the opportunity to generate leads and increase sales. 1/3 of them generate less than 100 leads per month on social media channels. Doing social lead generation is hard. It’s not easy to capture users’ attention, let alone convince them to sign up for something. So where do you start? What kind of content should you post? How do you get people to interact with your content? How do you capture their emails? And once you’ve got those emails, how do you follow up in a way that makes them convert?

Email marketing is one of the fundamental drivers in growing businesses exponentially. Regardless of what sector you work in or whether your business creates products or delivers services, building an email list should be paramount in your long-term strategy for growing the business.

If you don’t have a list already, think about implementing a way to capture emails and start marketing directly. It will be one of your biggest assets moving forward.

This is without a doubt, the Best Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

Paid Social for B2B Lead Generation

Like many of the strategies available to grow your business, paid social is a great strategy. Where this differs from others is that doing it wrong can be a very costly affair that plummets your profits.

Video is one of the best marketing channels for B2B right now – and it’s particularly effective for lead generation. Marketers are using it to build brand awareness by showing ads that direct people to video assets posted on social channels. And that strategy is great for lead generation, too: 44% of B2B buyers say they’ve used YouTube when researching B2B purchases.* and YouTube is now second after Google as a search engine. Whether or not it is right for your ads is a different story and this all depends on the creativity in your team.

This is why many businesses outsource their paid media to external agencies so that they can capitalise on the expertise that is already available to them. If you choose the right agency for your business, you will inevitably see a positive return on your investment… so choose wisely.

Using LinkedIn for b2b Lead generation

B2B marketing is primarily about making money. Today you can easily connect with customers on a global scale and the best platform for this is undoubtedly LinkedIn. But make sure you have the messaging correct. Remember what I said about using cold email to generate more leads for your business? LinkedIn is exactly the same.

Reach out with the prospect at the forefront of your conversation and drop the needy/salesy nonsense. Be yourself, focus on the prospect and how you can make their lives easier, be consistent and you will inevitably win the long-term game.

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